Content marketing real estate: the interaction between marketing and sales team

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Content marketing is increasingly a fundamental aspect in the management of your real estate agency, it is no coincidence that 89% of marketing managers employed in real estate activities make content marketing the main online engagement tool. But what exactly does it mean to do content marketing? In this article we will talk about real estate content marketing, analyzing, in particular, the correlation that must be created between your marketing department and the commercial team of your agency or franchise, consisting of business brokers and property sellers.

What does real estate content marketing mean?

When we talk about real estate content marketing, in fact, we are certain in affirming that it is certainly not the “fashion” of the moment, but that on the contrary, it has become over time an essential tool to increase the awareness of any brand, to attract leads. and prospects to their real estate website and therefore to consult the sales announcements of their agency. Last but not least, the importance of content is increasingly evident also for related but equally decisive purposes, such as that of obtaining brand recall with an online video, whether it is to generate greater exposure through earned media or to ensure a higher engagement on social networks through micro-contents.

It seems elementary to note that the best success occurs when every activity, within a real estate agency, is carried out by the staff in charge in a correct and timely manner. Focusing on what it means to run your real estate content marketing activities correctly, we offer you 4 points to think about and from which to start:

– Create a strong content strategy
– Create a solid brand identity
– Create articles that can emotionally engage your potential customers
– Publish consistently to keep the attention of your followers and customers high

Quality content, not advertising …

Remember that the best real estate content marketing that you will be able to do is to create extremely engaging and interesting content for your followers, which can inform and educate people on all those aspects that revolve around the world of real estate and are not purely inherent. the properties you have for sale. There are various topics and sources of this type that you can deal with in the blog of your real estate agency, from the situation of the real estate market in your area to the statistics regarding the sales made in the last period, from tax notions to judicial auctions., from the various stages of the purchase and sale process to the condominium regulations, and we could continue for a long time in this list.

We emphasize that, even when drafting your content effectively and in great detail, a really fundamental thing is to never lapse into pure advertising, a “vice” that too often permeates the online presence of many real estate operators. It is obvious that on your website users will have to find the properties to buy, God forbid, but what we want to convey to you is the need not to become excessively promotional in your content, affecting the buyer’s experience of your users and thus interrupting the delicate marketing process undertaken in your real estate content marketing business.

The arduous task of a real estate content marketer is to keep the advertising component distinct from that inherent in the content marketing strategy. Why difficult? We are all too used to dealing with marketing managers who are completely devoted to advertising by the mentality and professional nature, especially in a sector such as real estate, which makes web advertising one of its most effective weapons. But when it comes to real estate content marketing, the story changes, so stay focused on bringing quality to your content strategy and leave the advertising approach for your ads.

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What is the role of a content marketer?

We have said that within a real estate agency, the purpose of the marketing activity is to make the brand known, to involve and make people participate and be interested, to let customers or potential customers know what the company has to do. to say. Consequently, what does a real estate content marketer need to do to do their job best? He will have to try to push people to buy real estate starting from the creation of quality content, and to do this he will first have to align and put in synergy the entire marketing team with the sales team.

It is at the moment when people begin to familiarize themselves with the brand that they are preparing to take an interest in your real estate offers, so it would be a good idea to create ad hoc content according to the specific moment of the customer’s journey in which the potential customer finds himself. Unfortunately, it is only a small amount of real estate content marketers who know how to create this type of high quality and highly effective content for the purposes of real estate sales.

Creating content-based on specific points of the buyer’s journey in which the user is located ensures that the decisive contact with it occurs precisely when the user is ready to make a decision about the purchase of a property, while if the contact occurs too soon and there is a risk of “burning” the customer, for example by contacting him for a property proposal when he still only wants to receive information on market trends.

So how can a good real estate content marketer ensure that their real estate brand’s content marketing strategy is aligned with that of the sales team? How to manage to target a potential customer in the sales funnel without allowing the content marketing strategy to be frustrated by the sales department and vice versa?

We offer you some points to follow.

Making connections with real estate content marketing

The first point that a good real estate marketing manager should care about is to shape a solid and lasting relationship between the brand and the customer, a real trust relationship with the aim of transmitting interest and motivation in the buyer persona of reference for the real estate brand in question.

Tell stories about your brand, the values ​​you believe in, your background in the real estate sector and everything you want to communicate and confide in your audience. In this way you will allow it to get to know you better, to “enter” your life both on a personal and working level, and to establish a relationship of trust and empathy towards you, as well as towards your real estate brand. Now that people know you, now that they understand the ethics behind your brand, they will finally be able to see you as a trusted interlocutor , to whom they can then turn for help. Here we are!

Let’s see some examples of what you can concretely tell your audience to succeed in this purpose:
– What worked in your working life and what went wrong instead
– What you managed to learn from your failures and what you would change if you could return back
– What are the secrets that have led to your personal and professional growth
– What do you firmly believe in and what are the values ​​you try to convey to your colleagues
– How you help your collaborators in their growth path
– What are your aspirations and your future goals

Transparency and understanding must be the personal qualities that you place at the basis of the relationship established with your followers so that your content marketing strategy can have the success you have established for yourself. By showing the human side of your brand, you will show people that your willingness to help them is the key to the success of your real estate business. Furthermore, by creating interesting and useful content for your audience, you will also lay the foundations for people to contact you just when they need help from you , which can consist of a request for a real estate appraisal, if not a sale proposal. or rent, to find an agent who can sell their home.

Turn established connections into sales

Work so that the buyer’s journey that the client will face in your real estate agency is solid, consequential, complete. The content marketer strives to create connections and “pass” the contacts created, highly qualified due to the delicate path of content undertaken, to the sales department. Now, the marketing team and the sales team need to think with the same mindset for a direct and collaborative transition to take place between the two departments of your real estate agency. In fact, your goal of creating an emotional connection with your potential customers started with a careful process of content marketing will be crumbled in a short time in the event that your interlocutor comes to find himself in front of a too aggressive sales team.

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The customer comes first

People seek support from trained and competent professionals, they certainly do not want to interface with overbearing salespeople who want to sell at any cost. The objectives and needs of your customers must be accepted, addressed, understood, made your own and finally fulfilled, and this is an aspect that appears even more fundamental in the sales phase. Your customer is and should be treated as a priority, so make sure your sales or acquisitions team is open and friendly to customers.

How to ensure that the sales department works in synergy and using the same mentality used in the phases of real estate content marketing analyzed above? Connection and involvement are required, which means using specific techniques:

– Create Call-to-Action that does not appear too aggressive and “mark”
– Stay connected with customers and leads, contacting them regularly and making sure they always remember you
– Get a responsive website, so that your content can be viewed from any device
– Don’t be ashamed to explicitly ask your customers for opinions, advice, and feedback so you can refine your strategy
– Meet and speak personally with your customers
– Offer them personalized and dedicated deals
– Reward them with small gifts, gadgets, discounts, and promotional offers

Once the sales process is concluded, it is essential to continue to nurture and cultivate relationships with your customers, to ensure that the relationship initiated during the contact phases is consolidated. A good content manager knows very well that the relationship with the customer does not end at all with the sale, but the latter must always be kept active so as not to run the risk that, when he again needs the help of a real estate consultant, he will forget our and ask someone else. And here, once a sale has been completed, an effective content marketing strategy requires sending the customer relevant articles for the care of their home, to extricate themselves within the taxation of properties, to increase the value of their home over time.

The key is team coordination

Each agency has its own dynamics, colleagues, and collaborators with different characters and ways of behaving, which obviously is not easy to coordinate at will. But what is fundamental within your agency is to know how to instill a policy of coordination, interaction, involvement between the different teams. Otherwise, for example, if, as we have explained to you, the two marketing and sales teams act separately, if there is friction and divergence between the managers of the respective sectors, the strategies will end up being ineffective and the customers or potential customers will suffer from this weakness of your brand.

Design your content marketing strategy from afar and coordinate your teams accordingly, this way of planning and acting will bring you new leads and organic conversions of contacts into customers spontaneously, without having to constantly think about publishing ads on all the portals present. on the web and to spend time and budget on the mere advertising of properties.

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