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Linkedin Ads real estate: a new way to advertise online?

Absolutely yes. Whether you own a real estate agency or you are a licensed real estate agent who works as a freelance, taking advantage of the web to promote your business is always a good idea.

Instagram, Facebook, Google are all very useful tools for promoting and sponsoring your product or service on the web.

However, there is an equally valid alternative that should not be underestimated: Linkedin Ads.

It is true that every useful tool for online sponsorship has unique and convenient features based on the type of result you want to obtain and above all based on the service you propose, but there is something you may not know yet.

In the specific case of LinkedIn, having the ability to create real marketing campaigns could be a particularly interesting prerequisite for your business. Because? Find out in this mini-guide dedicated to real estate professionals.

LinkedIn Ads is certainly a new way to effectively promote your business.

But let’s start by explaining in general lines what LinkedIn is and what its potential is on the web.

LinkedIn was born as a platform for recruiting, becoming an online space dedicated to professionals and companies in continuous growth and evolution. According to a statistic, in fact, to date, there are about 546 million registered users and 260 million active ones every month. Innovation, digital marketing, and professionalism come together, giving life to a unique opportunity of its kind.

A channel like LinkedIn can be exploited by small businesses and multinational companies without distinction. A niche social network reserved for those who offer or seek employment.

Also interesting for what concerns the aspect linked to the contents, LinkedIn does not only deal with acting as an intermediary between company and worker but offers the possibility for each user to produce and send updated and valuable content online regarding their own reference niche. . This with the aim of informing about arguments relating to different professional fields, as well as to put new people in relation to each other.

In fact, the LinkedIn structure foresees that it is possible to create a real network of targeted contacts interested in the content offered by the user.
In this way, micro-networks of users are created, united by the professional category

Why not take advantage of LinkedIn’s company visibility policy?

In reality, the aspect linked to sponsorship on this social network is still under development and above all testing by users who are used to other platforms for advertising.

Facebook, Google, and Instagram for example are certainly the most used methods by anyone who wants to sponsor a product or service online. So what is LinkedIn specializing in? Why should a real estate agent choose to advertise on LinkedIn?

It must be admitted that even the real estate sector, in recent years, has been adapting to the changing times, transforming itself and becoming more and more digitized.

That’s why a tool like LinkedIn could really make a difference for your real estate agency.

Still not convinced? We give you a couple of good reasons to remove all doubts:

  • LinkedIn is a platform that was created for professionals, therefore strictly linked to the workplace. For this reason, it will be easier to choose the language to use, already knowing who you are dealing with.
  • Niche: you will often hear this word when talking about digital marketing. Choosing to hit a target niche is undoubtedly the most recommended choice by all industry experts. LinkedIn is certainly the best at this. As we will explain later, on LinkedIn it is possible to precisely target the type of lead you want to reach through much more precise filters than those offered by other platforms. On LinkedIn, for example, geolocation is widely used. In your case, it is clear that when you go to propose the services related to your real estate agency, it will be a good result to reach a clientele as close to you geographically. As for geolocation, Facebook was the first to introduce this feature, which to date has been refined and exploited much better by the LinkedIn system.

LinkedIn Ads real estate: What are the possibilities for sponsoring on the social network of work? Today LinkedIn offers three different ways to campaign and sponsor a company or a product.

To be able to choose and test in a practical way which is the best strategy to implement for your real estate agency, it will in any case be necessary to access the area dedicated to the management of promotions, just as the official guide explains.

Once you have entered the area dedicated to campaigns, you will be able to comfortably manage all the active sponsors and monitor them at 360 °. LinkedIn offers three completely autonomous ways that you can use to do advertising, let’s discover them together in detail:

  • Sponsored Content
  • Sponsored messages in the mail
  • Classic sponsored ads

LinkedIn Real Estate Ads: Sponsored content to add value to your business

The sponsored contents on LinkedIn are, as those who use advertising with Facebook already know, of the contents selected by the user who creates the campaign, which appear on the home page of the possible leads that fall within the selected target through various parameters, including niche of interest and geolocation. Potential leads, while not following the user’s page from which the sponsored started, will be so attracted to the content that it should, if you have done a good job, meet their needs.

Among the content to be sponsored, you can choose video content uploaded live on LinkedIn or content already existing on the page suitable for sponsorship. In any case, the content, once the sponsorship has started, will appear on the home page with the words ‘promoted’ and next to it the possibility to start following the page in question.

What kind of users will the content appear to? Of course, to all those who fall within the target parameters entered during the creation of the campaign.

A novelty that has recently been introduced in addition to sponsored content is that relating to the data module. What is it about?

LinkedIn has added the ability to generate leads through sponsored content, by having the interested user fill out a form with their data so that they can be contacted by the company. In this way, even without having a landing page or a real estate website to refer potential leads to, LinkedIn gives the possibility to generate new contacts and therefore have higher conversions.

Choosing to exploit the potential of sponsored content on LinkedIn will bring good results only and only if you have properly set up your real estate LinkedIn Ads and especially if your content will be useful and interesting. Remember that those who do advertising must necessarily meet a potential customer’s need, already offering the solution to solve his problem.

The advice we can give you in this regard, as regards the real estate sector, is clearly to remain consistent with the policy of your company or real estate agency, without departing from the real identity that owns your brand.

As for the costs for campaigns on LinkedIn, we would like to say that the cost is slightly higher than Facebook and other platforms, but it is fully within the parameters to which those who sponsor online will certainly be used to. Just to give an idea, we are talking about 1.5 / 2 € per click.

LinkedIn Ads Real Estate: Text Ads

The return to the origins. With the ability to advertise through text ads, LinkedIn relentlessly takes us back in time. This mode in fact provides for real ads that will appear on the right side of the home page of your website.

A flaw found statistically is that the ads are displayed only from desktop and not from mobile. A gross error that significantly limits the number of potential leads to reach.

The results obtained through this sponsored method can be said to affect only large companies; a professional or a small business will hardly be able to get noticed by choosing this path.

However, this does not mean that making attempts does not cost anything. If there is one rule that applies to all advertising in general, it is that you will never know how a sponsored one will go, until you decide to send it online. Furthermore, all the analyzes and strategies, even if perfectly correct, can never be adapted and generalized for all activities and companies in the real estate and non-real estate sectors.

InMail messages: the latest news from LinkedIn

Last but absolutely interesting news at LinkedIn is the one related to sponsored InMail messages. What is this new way of promoting?

Unlike ads and sponsored content, InMail messages point directly to the individual potential lead and not to a larger audience. Real sponsored private messages are sent in chat studied, and created based on the target and the parameters already mentioned above for the other tools.

But the statistics speak for themselves: it seems that sponsored emails are working, and how. Probably even the lack of knowledge of the tool still today, causes the user to open the message and maybe click on it, generating the conversion unconsciously. Therefore, despite the slightly higher costs for this kind of sponsored, about 0.5 euro cents per message, the results obtained so far can be considered more than satisfactory.

After choosing which tool to use for your real estate LinkedIn Ads, here are the steps to create the right strategy.

Once you have entered the area dedicated to campaigns, it will be essential to create an advertising account, clearly linked to your existing LinkedIn account.

During a second step, you will be asked to enter data relating to payments and to the administrators of the campaign section.

Now all you have to do is create the sponsored and carefully study the parameters relating to the target, budget, and duration of the campaign.

Always remember that your sponsor one must have a goal: whether it is to generate new leads or an invitation to a specific action, always keep in mind what you would like to get from that specific sponsored one.

In this way, without losing sight of the goal, during the creation phase, you will be able to segment the audience in the best possible way and be as targeted and precise as possible.

Is it really useful for your business to invest in real estate LinkedIn Ads?

And here we are with the million-dollar question. Our opinion on the matter? Investing in online advertising today could be the winning move to give a decisive turn to a business that is likely to remain dormant. Every company, brand, or service active on the market in which it operates, must necessarily have a clear and strong online identity in order to achieve greater results.

Advertising online means promoting a service or a product to a wider audience than the one you could aim for outside the web.

All this for your real estate agency, therefore, means making yourself known to a different slice of the market and earning more chances of conversion from potential leads.

In the specific case of LinkedIn, it is clear that it would certainly be useful to test and experiment with a series of online strategies related to your real estate agency to study and analyze how the public responds to this type of promotional activity.

However, a concept already mentioned should not be underestimated: it is always good to underline that there is no correct way to advertise online than another.

Every online promotion activity requires a plan designed in a professional but completely personal and subjective way, based on who are your potential customers and the service offered by your business.

Investing in LinkedIn advertising could and should certainly ensure an improvement for your real estate agency. In fact, LinkedIn, thanks to the meticulous and punctual segmentation of the public, manages to make marketing campaigns much more widespread and effective than what other platforms can do.

Because of this feature, which we believe to be of fundamental importance, our advice is certainly to approach and test the world of LinkedIn Ads for your real estate agency.

If you decide to start advertising campaigns on LinkedIn, you will also have the possibility to monitor in the first person, through your advertising account, what is the specific performance and performance of your promotions, thus realizing quickly and efficiently, what to change and what is working instead.

Those who are used to promoting their company online are certainly always ready to test new and interesting strategies that could prove successful over time.

And you, are you sure you are doing everything possible to sponsor your real estate agency online at its best?

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