How to do an effective real estate link building

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Building a solid reputation for your business is imperative to increasing your business opportunities. In this sense, everything passes more and more through what you can do online with your website.

Building a well-structured website from a technical point of view is crucial to achieving your next goals.

Having a bad real estate website and a bad reputation can irreparably compromise your work.

So it is essential to understand what you can do once your website is online, that is when it is measured against the competition and the ruthless world of search engines.

One of the main objectives to be achieved is to position yourself as high as possible in the search results and to do this you need to put in place a series of strategies.

Real estate link building is one of them, as it allows you to highlight the quality and value of your website, as well as reach a much larger online audience. Through the links of links, your website acquires an edge over its competitors, that is, it has precedence and evidence, and reaches users and therefore customers more easily, facilitating the meeting between demand and your offer.

In particular, real estate link building must be composed of actions and strategies that take into account the particular aspects and characteristics that distinguish your business sector, carefully evaluating what is best to do.

The activities that you have to put in place are different and each contributes to achieving your goal or selling properties.

What is link building?

If one of the first steps to take in managing your website once it is put online is to create quality content to offer to users, it is equally important that these reach the greatest number of people, but how?

The main action you need to take, therefore, concerns link building because it serves to generate more traffic on your website and in general to improve the online presence of your agency.

These are both links that point to your site ( inbound link ) and links that from your site refer to others you have chosen ( outbound link ). Through links, therefore, links are created between interrelated websites, returning a network of content that is useful to users and that search engines really like.

In practice, when you search on Google, the results provided are ordered on the basis of some parameters, among which the page that best answers the questions posed by the user is considered.

The presence of links serves to indicate to search engines, Google in the first place, important information on your website:

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Relevance

… three factors that contribute to creating the reputation level of your website, or the PageRank understood as one of the numerical values ​​that Google uses in its algorithms to index a website.

Consequently, you cannot give up on developing a real estate link-building strategy for your agency.

The peculiarity of link building in the real estate sector

In the online panorama, it can certainly be said that the real estate sector occupies a particular space of its own compared to others, precisely due to the nature of the activity carried out.

While on the one hand, a link-building action serves to increase and improve your online reputation, on the other hand, it must be built in such a way as to be useful, in practice, on two different levels.

In particular, a part of link building must be carried out at a local/regional level, as in this way your website is able to intercept and respond to requests coming from the territory in which you operate and from those who intend to buy. or rent a property.

Another part of connections, on the other hand, is at a national/international level and serves, in general, to create greater authority for your business, through main topics related to the real estate sector and/or the more secondary ones that still interest your recipients.

A real estate link building that works: 8 things to do

Developing a truly effective link-building strategy takes time and constant work to achieve lasting results.

In fact, to be able to form your network of links, it is necessary to carry out various actions, staying far from solutions that promise exceptional results in the immediate (and often even for a fee!).

These are mistakes to avoid with link building, so as not to run the risk of wasting time and thus penalizing your business.

1. Clear and measurable objectives

Every real estate link-building strategy needs measurable, clear, and achievable objectives.

Only starting from these factors, it is possible to carry out the best action.

The results that can be achieved with a link building activity are different:

  • Increase your website’s organic traffic
  • Improve your keyword rankings
  • Create collaborations and relationships with other players in the same sector
  • Increase the authority of the brand/brand

2. Quality content (Blog)

It may seem obvious to you, but creating quality content is your precious bargaining chip to get links in a completely natural way.

How many would not like to link or be linked from sites that offer good content?

Particularly in the real estate sector, when you open your blog, an effective type of content is one that is inspired by the real data you have as a real estate company. It is therefore essential for you to exploit them, taking into account what could be most interesting for your target audience.

Your goal is to attract real and potential sellers, buyers, renters.

In the creation of content for the purpose of your real estate link building, it is also essential to deal with a series of topics related to the main one (general advice on the house, bureaucratic-financial factors, focus on the territory in which you operate, etc.)

You have to aim for quality content and not quantity.

Remember, however, that content alone, even if of a very high-quality level, is not always sufficient if it is not accompanied by a well-structured real estate link-building action.

3. Submit your links to other websites

If the content created for your website is of quality, a good action may be to contact directly the websites that you consider suitable for your purpose and that may be very interested in the content you offer, by sending links to share.

In fact, all the key topics for your website must receive a good number of links from the outside. So not only the homepage but also the internal pages.

4. Link to other websites

Sharing other people’s links on your website can be a great real estate link-building strategy based on the ” principle of reciprocity “. In fact, if you insert external links, in all probability you will be linked in a short time.
In this regard, it is important to carefully and carefully choose which links to insert on your website, pointing to authoritative sites that have relevance for search engines and enjoy a good online reputation.

5. Contributions from experts (influencers)

Real estate link-building work is also realized through the contributions that can offer you important personalities of the real estate sector, the so-called influencers, or those who have a large online following.

Start with those who are active in your land area. These people can undoubtedly offer you interesting information, guaranteeing you content that is valuable to you, both for link-building purposes and to increase the quality of your real estate blog.

Furthermore, once the content has been created and published, you will automatically enter the circle of contacts and social profiles of the same expert who created the contribution for you.

Please note that contributions also include real estate content created with different sources (video interviews, infographics, etc.) and relating to the trend of the real estate sector in the area in which you operate.

6. Participation in forums and discussions

Even if for some it is no longer a fundamental action, in reality, participating in forums and sector discussions still have its usefulness for the purpose of link building. In fact, these represent ” spaces ” in which it is possible to effectively share your links and expand your circle of contacts.

7. Use Online Directories

Becoming part of the online directories that show the information and the relative links of companies/activities of a specific sector divided by category, is a further step. In particular, there are both national and international real estate directories in which all real estate agents and companies are listed.

8. Organize real estate events

An aspect that not all real estate agents know, or rather exploit, in realizing their real estate link building strategy, is the organization of events. This activity actually plays an important role in building backlinks and in promoting your real estate agency.

This action takes the form of real estate workshops, seminars, Open Houses to be advertised on industry and non-sector websites, where you can add a link to your website and other useful details for those who want to participate in your event.

This way you get the chance that your link will in turn be shared by others.

Real estate link building: an online and offline value

If now it is clearer to you why it is necessary to implement a real estate link-building strategy for your agency, you will also have understood that everything revolves around the value of what you do and how you do it .

Placing a few random links here and there on your website, and swapping them with other sites in an artificial way, just gives you the illusion of doing something useful for your business.

Pointing to concrete real estate link-building activities by creating contacts, collaborations, intercepting the interests of your users, through quality content, is the system that will best be able to guarantee lasting results and enhance you and your work.

To be durable, the link network must be solid.

The advantages that you can obtain with similar actions are effective from an online point of view, but also in the daily working reality (offline).

So yes, that in this way the links will find you, creating a network of effective and useful links to reach the best indexing positions, thanks also to a real estate SEO action.

A lot is certainly what you can do in your promotion path and, where your knowledge and skills do not reach, it will be right to rely on professionals in the digital sector.

Making the most of the possibilities that real estate link building can offer you can help you achieve excellent results that last over time.

Building your online reputation through link building is the most functional way to grow and consolidate your business in the real estate sector with concrete and profitable results.

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