How to manage to rent a house in 2021? Expert advice

How to manage to rent a house in 2021? Expert advice post thumbnail image

2021 has already begun and are you thinking of finally earning that house inherited many years ago and never used? Also, mark it among the good resolutions for the new year: in this guide, we will explain how to do it!

Choosing to rent a house is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity. Know that for our part, we must make you aware of all those rules that you will need to better face the decision just made.

Choosing to let tenants live in your home is undoubtedly a good possibility of income, but as just mentioned, it requires precision and strict knowledge of rights and duties on both sides.

In this case, you will be contractually defined as “lessor” and as such, there will be obligations that you will have to guarantee to future tenants. On the other hand, the tenants themselves will have to respect the contractual rules agreed with you.

Do you know that making unused real estate income is statistically one of the favorite choices of Italians who want to monetize? The house in question may have come to you as an inheritance, or be the consequence of a past real estate investment: in any case, whatever the origin of this property, we agree with you in thinking that it is a real shame to leave it empty and uninhabited.

So, how to rent a house and present it in the best possible way to make it more attractive on the market, and not risk experiencing unpleasant inconveniences?
In this guide, we will analyze the situation with you and provide you with practical advice that will help you understand how to rent a house and live peacefully.

How to rent a house: let’s start from the beginning

A completely wrong belief would suggest renting a house as it is: nothing more wrong! The era in which a house was rented without paying too much attention to fiscal, structural and legal aspects is long gone.

If you decide to rent an uninhabited house, it will be necessary to have preventive precautions already in the promotion phase of the property. What does it mean?

It means that it will be your concern to arrange the house in the best possible way for anyone who will have to view it and then live in it:

  • Refresh the walls and clean up the rooms
  • Do some maintenance if necessary
  • Make sure the implants comply with the law

These three simple precautions may already be enough to present your home to the best of its potential to new tenants. Do we want to exaggerate? Here are three other aspects that could help you in this undertaking.

  • Provide an Internet line at home as an extra service: it will undoubtedly be a plus positively evaluated by those who view your property.
  • Make sure that the property is free from defects and mortgages: it would really be an unfortunate situation for anyone who is preparing to live there.
  • Equipped to request the APE (energy performance certificate) relating to the property from a qualified technician. This document is of fundamental importance to both interested parties. The Ape will not be attached to the contract, but the tenant must declare that he is in possession of all the information relating to it. If during the contractual phase you do not have them, you could incur very heavy penalties. Just to give you an idea, we are talking about fines ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 euros.

Do you think that’s all? Absolutely not… but we can confirm that these tricks are undoubtedly excellent starting points to begin to become familiar with the subject.

Later, while reading, you will realize that the facets are really many, but don’t worry, let’s go step by step.

We analyze below how the real estate market for rentals in Italy is changing and therefore how to respond correctly to customer needs.

How the real estate rental market in Italy is changing

Why in 2021 is it necessary to have these concerns (along with all the others that we will discuss later) with regard to rents? In reality, the answer to this doubt must be sought in the change of mentality that is characterizing potential buyers in the real estate market.

Although (of course) the world of sales continues to walk parallel in an almost autonomous way, there is instead a more than positive surge as regards the rental market. The demand is constantly increasing, so it is necessary to update and keep up with the needs of the market.

The reasons that are bringing the world of rentals so high are due to a lifestyle that is changing more and more rapidly. The concept of a fixed abode in a single geographical place is becoming more and more evanescent and the new generations live with the suitcase, aware that life changes could be around the corner, in an increasingly globalized world full of opportunities in every corner. of the planet.

This is why a rented house could perfectly meet the most diverse needs: what do you say, should you get adequate information then?

If you answered positively to this question, you just have to keep reading this guide and… don’t miss any of the next suggestions.

How to rent a house: from theory to practice

If until now we have focused on theoretical advice regarding logistical aspects related to a rental, now is the time to analyze the practice. What can you do in practice to place your home optimally on the real estate market?

Real estate rental ad

Advertising the property online is undoubtedly one of the first actions to take when deciding to opt for rent.

But be careful: there are also ways and means to better realize a real estate advertisement.

To prepare a real estate ad, you will need to:

  • Make high-quality photographs
  • Show in photos clean, well-kept environments, free from useless objects
  • Adopt a neutral style that can reach as many customers as possible
  • Structuring a valid text to be related to the photographic set: do not dwell on novels during the announcement, but be exhaustive in any case and try to grasp the real needs of customers.

To be able to make a difference online, you will have to think that the announcement of your home will end up in a cauldron along with many other valid proposals. Then it is good that you try to find your personal method to get noticed: a detail, a detail that can intrigue , something that can make the user say “I’m calling to view the apartment”.

After all, that’s your purpose, right? Then you will have to gradually evaluate the results of visits to your ad.

There are many real estate portals that give you the opportunity to have a weekly report of the results: how many users have clicked on your ad, how many have stopped, who has performed the action of sending an email or calling … in short, you have all the tools available to try to control as much as possible the part relating to advertising on the web of your property to rent.

Try to select potential tenants

The dream of every homeowner who chooses to grant strangers the use of such a precious and personal asset as a property, is certainly to be able to find tenants who are serious, polite and precise in payments.

In short, no one would certainly want to find tenants in the house who do not pay, who cause damage or even worse things!

So one of the tips, which has become almost a rule, is to ask to be able to view at least the last two payslips if it is an employee, or the Unico model if the customer is self-employed.

It is also clear that this kind of foresight does not guarantee you total reliability on future payments and any payments, but it could be an actionable weapon if there are cases of defaulting tenants.

Another technique to try to protect yourself is to ask for references. What does it mean? It means that before choosing the potential tenant, you can ask the previous owner or employer about the reliability of the subject.

Signing and registration of the lease

Here we are! Finally, after much research, the perfect tenant has arrived. And now? From this moment on, all you have to do is continue with the attached bureaucratic part.

After advising you on how to act to try to better promote the apartment to rent and how to try to choose a model tenant, now that you have finally found him, you will only have to sign the lease agreement and proceed with his registration.

In order to enter into a lease agreement, fulfilling all that the law requires, it is, therefore, necessary to:

  • Provide the energy performance certificate (APE) of the property, as already mentioned in the previous paragraph of this guide.
  • Register the aforementioned contract with the Revenue Agency within a maximum of thirty days from signing (for agreements less than one month, the law does not provide for the obligation to register).
  • To comply with  the stability law , the tenant will have to send the landlord the payment of the monthly rents through a traceable instrument, such as bank transfer or check. Paying the rent by cash, therefore, could make both parties lose the tax breaks that are used thanks to the type of contract agreed.
  • The landlord can choose whether to use the flat-rate tax or ordinary taxation. If you choose the dry coupon, you will pay a substitute and fixed tax of 21% without having to pay either the registration tax or the stamp duty. As for ordinary taxation, as you may already know, the taxation on the fee will vary according to your personal income tax rate.

After having correctly signed the lease agreement, in order to proceed with the regular registration, you can use three different methods:

  • Through a licensed real estate agent who will follow the entire procedure for you.
  • Electronic registration (valid only for real estate agents, intermediaries or owners of more than ten properties).
  • Paper registration.

Although you have registered, always remember to make a further communication of the registration within 60 days, by means of a simple registered letter with return receipt to both the condominium administrator and the new tenant. In this way, you release your person from any consequences related to the lease.

How to rent a house for short periods: useful tips

From this reading, it is clear how many different possibilities there are related to real estate leases. So far we have talked about the most popular model, that is, that of long-term residential leases.

Another trend that is slowly gaining ground in Italy is that of short-term rentals. As it will be easy to understand, this method provides for different regulations and precautions than the traditional rental.

The period of time defined as “short” as regards leases, is certainly less than 30 consecutive days and, by choosing this method, you will enjoy greater fiscal and legal freedoms.

The reference law for short leases is Law 21 June 2017 n. 96 , which must be observed by individuals (i.e. homeowners like you) and not by companies or hotels (which follow other types of regulations).

Therefore, if you are thinking of opting for a short rental, you will have to abide by these new and different rules:

    1. You will not have to register the contract with the Revenue Agency.
    2. As a homeowner, you will have no outstanding VAT obligations on the contract for short-term rentals.
    3. You will be able to schedule the contract according to your needs without particular constraints to follow.

If you choose the short rental method, it is always advisable to use the deposit method to have greater protection. Deposits that will be returned at the end of the stay, except for damages in the apartment.

At the end of the rental contract, you will have to issue the client with a payment receipt in order not to run into unpleasant tax problems.

As a last tip regarding short rentals, it is always good to emphasize and make it clear to tenants too, that this kind of stay does not include additional services such as breakfast, or laundry service, or room cleaning: it is in effect an apartment that they will have to manage independently and leave in decent conditions once the period of stay is over.

How to rent a house? You are now prepared and ready to address this issue

If before this reading you were asked “how to rent a house?” you probably wouldn’t have been able to answer properly. Now, however, after having carefully read our advice, you will certainly know how to get ready and prepared when it comes to renting that house that nobody in the family uses so much.

Before leaving you, however, we would like to suggest you a couple of other tips that could prove to be useful tips for renting your home , with the peace of mind of not having any problems.

  • Take an inventory of all the items in the house. You will need this list as soon as the relationship with the tenants is concluded to ensure that the house is returned to you exactly as you delivered it.

Clearly, it is not for lack of trust, but with the experience gained on the subject, you too will understand that having an inventory always ready to refer to, will facilitate everyone’s work even when that same house you have to rent it a second time and then a third, etc …

  • Contact a qualified professional in the sector: you could certainly think of doing it alone and perhaps it could even be so. As for the leases, however, as you may have noticed, there are many facets and situations that could trigger, during which it would be better to have technical support at hand. your area, they will undoubtedly know how to mediate possible requests and succeed in agreeing to the best of the parties.

Good! Now that we have given you and revealed all the tips to rent your home and protect yourself from possible risks, you just have to start from the good principle, so start by taking super photographs of your property. What are you waiting for?

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