International real estate marketing: the definitive guide

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The evolution of the real estate market is a subject that always fascinates, you know! However, following how the world of real estate changes, the relationship with buyers and sellers, the needs, and the marketing field itself, becomes an essential prerogative when you are a professional in the sector. In this guide, we will analyze together how to manage international real estate marketing, given the very strong growth of relations between Italy and foreign countries, precisely as regards sales operations and potentially interested customers.

The real estate market in Italy, having passed the dark period of the Great Recession of the last decade, is certainly in a phase of growth and there has also been a significant increase in potential buyers. Who, in addition to showing interest, have also shown that they have economic possibilities to complete important real estate transactions.

Certainly, this factor has allowed and still allows real estate consultants to work better, concluding more deals than in previous years. But is this enough?

We in the WeAgentz team are well acquainted with the category of licensed real estate agents and we know equally well that real estate entrepreneurs are never satisfied: this is why during this reading, we want to outline a definitive protocol to be able to exploit international real estate marketing in the most correct, thus expanding the market share to which your business is aimed.

The new frontier of international real estate marketing

You will know better than any other, in fact, that exploiting all the potential of the beautiful country towards possible foreign customers could be a significant added value for your real estate agency.

In this case, the statistics speak for themselves: more and more potential foreign customers are interested in buying a house in Italy. So what are you waiting for?

In this guide we will also try to outline what the identikit of the potential foreign buyer is, what country he comes from and what type of property he is looking for in Italy right now; now, however, let’s focus on the main focus of the reading: international real estate marketing. Let’s begin!

Real estate marketing: here are the differences between Italy and abroad

Real estate web marketing is undoubtedly a very powerful tool for the growth of a brand. Not only that: it can be said that being able to do marketing in the correct way can lead a company to exponentially increasing levels of turnover and number of customers.

In the specific case of the real estate sector, however, you will have to keep in mind that everything changes and evolves. Today’s market is not the same as it was ten years ago, consequently, the marketing techniques to be used should not and cannot be the same as they used to be!

Paper flyers posted in the mailbox, or sad and useless promotions? No, it is clear that this is not the correct way to expand your market share.

It is equally true that the way of marketing will have to be different according to the reference market.

We have chosen to list practical tips point by point to better promote your brand.

Selling a house to foreigners? Yes, you just have to know-how.

Data analysis: an obligatory step

If you are thinking of approaching the foreign market, the first useful suggestion is undoubtedly to study and analyze as many factors and data as possible.

Let’s explain: before taking any type of move, it will be essential for the success of the marketing strategy to study and analyze:

  • the geographical area in which your real estate agency operates
  • the type of property you deal with
  • requests received up to that moment from potential interested foreign customers
  • the sales already concluded with foreigners in the area
  • the power of your social channels

Analyzing all this is certainly not easy, but it is a necessary step for anyone who wants to better structure a real estate marketing strategy aimed at the international market.

If, in fact, to address the local market, you know how to act, speaking of the international one, you will undoubtedly have to refine your digital marketing skills, which rise to a higher level of difficulty in terms of planning and execution.

Identikit of the potential customer: it all depends on the area

Who buys in Italy? To implement international real estate marketing strategies, know that one of the main focuses must be the identikit of your potential foreign client.

An increasingly widespread habit is that of associating potential customers over 50 with the international real estate market: in reality, this theory is not wrong at all. The potential buyers of advanced age who choose to spend their retirement years in the beautiful country are constantly increasing.

What does this entail? Naturally, that your international real estate marketing strategies must be able to arrive in the most correct way and speak the language of those who, at the age of fifty, sixty or seventy, decide to buy a house in Italy.

Young but not too young, so to speak, they are considering the possibility of living a pleasant life-long stay in lands such as Sicily, Tuscany, Marche, or Puglia. Let’s leave aside the parochialism, we know well how much each Italian region is endowed with excellent palatability from the landscape, natural, historical, and artistic point of view. And many have the passion to buy, and then renovate country houses, finally using them as a farmhouse or Bed & Breakfast.

Another group of potential foreign buyers is undoubtedly that formed by the very young, who choose Italy as a country in which to go to seek their fortune. In this case, it will be different real estate searches than the first, just mentioned. It will be much easier for young foreigners who buy in Italy to have been fascinated by cities of art such as Rome, Florence, Milan, Verona, and so on.

The real estate marketing strategy to be implemented in this case will certainly be smarter and centered on social networks and social media, to which the younger age groups such as Millennials are particularly accustomed.

We are talking about young people who are passionate about fashion, art, culture, entrepreneurship: they will certainly want to have super modern apartments in the city center.

Farms, farmhouses or smart apartments: the international real estate market does not miss anything

We are sure that your real estate agency, in one way or another, can have interesting solutions to meet the needs of the international market. As we have just mentioned, in fact, the identikit of the potential foreign buyer, although indispensable to identify, remains a very vast field.

Germans, French, English, and even Americans. The reasons that can push a potential buyer to invest in brick in Italy are truly varied.

Which house to push for the international market? Surely, if your area is touristy, each apartment could be within the reach of a foreign client.

If, on the other hand, you operate in a small urban center, focus on typical apartments, perhaps in the historic center: those will be the most sought after. If your area of ​​expertise is a large city, then focus on housing solutions located in central and pulsating areas.

How to do international real estate marketing in this case? After having suggested that you carefully analyze the data from a theoretical point of view and have identified which type of potential customer might be interested, the time has now come to implement the strategies.

Real estate ad: it must be flawless

Do you think that one of the first objections that this kind of customer perceives is precisely that relating to distrust? Often you are miles and miles away and foreign users have absolutely no idea who you are and how you operate in the real estate market.

Here then, the first move will be to transform a simple real estate search into an exciting and unique experience for them. Like? By building a real estate ad capable of breaking down distances and mutual extraneousness.

First, start by writing a multilingual real estate ad (we are entering the field of multilingual SEO ). This, for example, will allow you to shorten the timing and at the same time insure the customer. The fact that he finds himself in front of a text written in a language understandable without the use of the translator, will increase the chances that he will continue the search on your online channels.

You will have to take into account that this type of user, with good chances, will not know the area in which the real estate proposal is located: be as detailed as possible, also set an extension that allows them to be able to geolocate the house. By doing so, you will shorten the distances and you will already identify the buyer in that new and fabulous area.

Real Estate Photography: Do you still think it’s not important?

That of professional photography is something that in real estate marketing in general, is often considered a very sore spot (you can confirm for yourself based on your experience).

Unfortunately, even today and therefore in 2020, there are real estate consultants convinced that the image is not all that important. But if you are seasoned enough, you will know that emotional marketing, on the other hand, plays a fundamental role in this.

We can assure you that this aspect becomes more important every year. To be able to do international real estate marketing, you will necessarily have to present your properties in a more than decent way, giving a perfect (or almost) image of you and the properties you are managing. In fact, photography is the business card of all your online proposals: why let potential buyers escape for a sort of laziness in presenting your real estate portfolio?

In the specific case of foreign clients, know that they are used to a completely different real estate marketing from ours. The real estate proposals for sale in countries such as the USA, Australia, the United Kingdom or Germany, are real online favors.

We, therefore, expect to scroll through a gallery of images that tell a story made of emotions in an orderly and elegant way: have you ever heard of home staging?

It could be an excellent idea, to introduce yourself to the international market, precisely that of preparing the properties for sale with home staging interventions: that is, reorganizing the apartments to the fullest, adding furnishing accessories or eliminating the superfluous so that they can get straight to the heart of potential buyers.

Home staging is undoubtedly a perfect real estate marketing technique to reach the international market: seeing is believing! Introduce a home stager to your staff and certainly, the results will not be long in coming.

Social networks: fast and effective strategies

The power of social networks allows you to refine what are the targeted and fast marketing strategies. Thanks to tools like Facebook and Instagram, you can create a select audience of interested potential customers who will expect quality content.

Using social channels to implement real estate marketing strategies aimed at the international market is not wrong, quite the contrary! In all countries, social networks are used to search for the most disparate things, even homes. So why not focus on tools within everyone’s reach to sponsor real estate proposals?

Do you think that just to meet digital marketers and all those who work in this sector, Facebook has expanded the options relating to the creation of sponsored content, giving the possibility to target the potential customer, by entering information such as age, gender, interests, location, etc…

This means that you will be able to choose in a targeted manner who, where, and how to display your sponsors.

Let’s take a practical example. If after your tests, you understand that you may have interested potential German buyers, you will create a sponsored ad that is visible only in that specific geographical area, to have undoubtedly more performing results.

Now, anyone in Germany looking for real estate solutions in Italy will presumably have your proposals in front of their eyes.

Foreign portals: last but not least suggestion

Until now, we have chosen to suggest real estate marketing strategies to reach the international market, without however completely transforming what should already have been precautions in the advertising phase of your properties.

One last but absolutely not the least advice to get to the international market is to take advantage of their platforms. What does it mean? In fact, it will mean looking for online portals that act as a link between the Italian and international real estate markets.

We strongly recommend that you take this marketing strategy into consideration. But be careful not to base all your economic and working energies on this kind of platform: it will certainly be very useful to take the first steps, but then by specializing, you will know how to act independently.

For information, however, it is right to inform you of the existence of these portals (almost never free) which help to convey the passage of information and contacts.

Are you ready to start taking your first steps in the world of international real estate marketing? Now you have all the tools that will allow you to analyze the data and test the territory, good luck!

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