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Now over 400 million active users, we can undoubtedly say that today Instagram is one of the most influential platforms in the entire social landscape: more and more brands, including in the real estate sector, are in fact trying to gain an audience to be introduced in the engagement cycle. , starting from the social visual par excellence headed by Mark Zuckerberg.

Not sure how to make the most of Instagram in order to create value for your real estate agency? Not getting enough interaction from prospects with your real estate brand? Don’t know how to start lead generation with Instagram?

In the Western world, Instagram is currently the third most important social network, behind Facebook and Twitter and ahead of Snapchat, but it is known to be the best positioned against any competitor in terms of brand awareness. What about lead generation activities? If, also thanks to our suggestions, you have managed to implement an effective real estate web marketing strategy by creating a regular flow of content on your website, it is time to increase the potentially reachable audience and then generate contacts to be conveyed on the website. of your real estate brand.

The steps to follow for effective lead generation with Instagram

1. Target and retarget your audience

The first and fundamental component of social media advertising is user targeting, which will allow you to better weigh your investment due to its peculiarity of going to segment and attack only that part of users who are really inclined to purchase your properties or real estate services. . In any case, it is always good to add other users to be retargeted to this segment of potential customers, so as to be able to increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. These are users who are not totally targeted, who for attitudes, personal tastes, available budget, differ slightly from what you are about to propose, but who could nevertheless in the not too distant future approach your real estate proposals of the agency.

It is precisely for cases like these that you can count on retargeting in order to introduce properties or real estate services on the market, to be addressed to an audience that has already shown interest in evaluating your offers. By thus creating personalized audiences (custom audience), you will finally be able to retarget your real estate ads to users who have already visited your website in the past, who have used related real estate services such as an estimate, who have requested information on a property without the deal being successful and so on.

The first step of your new Instagram campaign must therefore be to show your real estate ads to a demographic target potentially interested in your proposals and retarget those users who have already shown that they are interested, for example having viewed properties with you in the past. .

2. Humanize your real estate brand

Another fundamental activity that you can use to generate leads of a certain importance, is undoubtedly to give a “more human” face to your real estate brand. Users are in fact continuously targeted by impersonal emails, messages and posts, in which advertisements are often insistent and sharp. For this reason, people, including customers, are looking for and are more likely to appreciate real and genuine interactions. On Instagram this is the added value of your marketing strategy, being able to give a completely personal and human imprint to the interactions with your followers. If you are able to humanize your real estate brand, your customers will be more easily pushed to trust you, so turning them into leads will be much easier for your marketing staff. Instead of posting content focused only on properties for sale or rent, start using Instagram as a channel for building real, lasting and profitable relationships with the public.

We now come to the practical aspect, giving some examples. You can post content that shows the faces behind your brand, accompanied by a brief description of your collaborators’ interests and distinctive traits, you can show some quotes from famous personalities that have inspired you in your training and career. , to post fun videos, quizzes and puzzles related to your brand. Tell us how your agency was born, what were the main successes achieved, what results in you want to achieve in the future.

Your audience will certainly appreciate this way of bringing you on the same frequency as the customer, with the ambitions, needs, and entertainment that you can share with all those who follow you. Showing the more human face of your real estate brand will undoubtedly bring benefits in terms of leads.

3. Tell the real stories of your followers

When you have become sufficiently popular with your Instagram followers, you can evaluate the opportunity to accelerate further, going to strengthen the perception of authenticity of your real estate agency in the eyes of your audience. In fact, when real people will support you and act as guarantors for your brand, then you can build real trust relationships with all the new audiences that have arisen. Tell your customers’ stories on Instagram, demonstrating how thanks to your intervention they have managed to change their lives and finally buy the house of their dreams, collect their testimonials and give space in your account to glimpses of real-life made up of real people.

Obviously continue to alternate posts of various kinds, from the most relevant real estate ads to those of leisure, passing through others that tell about the people who work in your real estate agency and that of your customers. You will see that doing lead generation with Instagram with this method will come naturally, the followers of your account will increase day by day, as well as increase the trust of the public towards you and your brand.

How to optimize profile and post on Instagram?

Now let’s see how to make your profile really effective in order to convert those who visit your profile into real followers until they become customers of your real estate agency. We will also give you some tips to optimize the content you post on your Instagram account so that it becomes popular and can really engage leads and prospects.

  • Business username: this is the nickname that users use to find you on Instagram, so make sure it is easy to remember, possibly as similar as possible to the name of your brand
  • Business Name: not only username but also name, that is the real name of your real estate brand. Add it in the settings and it will appear under your profile picture
  • Profile privacy: remember to set your profile as “public”, having a private account will not help you since your goal is not to remain in dim light, but to convey as much traffic as possible to your content and your own profile
  • Biography with link: Allow followers to access your website easily by adding the appropriate link in the description. You can also periodically change the landing page, for example by adding as a link “the property of the week”
  • Location: add the location in the photos posted, so that your followers can better orient themselves, especially if your target can be made up of people who do not know the area in which you practice the profession of mediator
  • Post customization: photos posted without using filters (hashtag #nofilter) are always appreciated for their spontaneity and naturalness, but don’t disdain the use of filters from time to time, as well as enrich your posts with tags, links, and abundant hashtags
  • Photo quality: remember that you are a real estate agent and you are selling properties, in this kind of business the visual impact on the ads from your customers is essential. Instagram is certainly no exception, so always post excellent quality photos.

#Hashtags are not optional

Spreading your content in the best possible way to achieve the lead generation goals with Instagram that you have set for yourself, also largely depends on something that may seem trivial at first glance, but in the reality of extreme importance, hashtags. Which ones to choose, then? Many brands use a distinctive and unique hashtag, to be minted after careful research among competitors and beyond, so that followers can also be involved by its meaning and use it in their posts, thus helping to increase its popularity. Your brand identity will thus be built over time, hand in hand with the hashtags that you will begin to use as distinctive features of your business in the real estate world.

We recommend that you add some hashtags in the caption of your posts, and then list others at the bottom relating to the topic and context of the post, the photograph, the place, the people present from time to time in the posted content, such as # immobiliare #realestatemilano #openhouseroma #invendita and so on. How do you now make sure that the hashtags, both the distinctive ones of your real estate brand and the generic ones, are really effective? You can follow the evolution of hashtags with a very interesting tool, Iconosquare, which allows you to know how many followers are using the individual hashtags and how many times they have been used on Instagram.

The mechanisms governing lead generation

Your lead generation process with Instagram must start from a marketing funnel, a sort of sales funnel that we have composed of 4 successive phases:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Action

What you have to do to capture the attention of your followers towards your posts on Instagram so that they can arouse an interest in your properties, which leads them to make the decision to visit your website, which will end with the ‘Action of clicking the appropriate link on your bio? As a real estate agent, you will have to optimize your Instagram Marketing strategy by pushing your followers to the funnel, thus enticing them to take each of the 4 steps until the entire process is successful. Let’s see some practical ways to make a big difference in your Instagram lead generation tactic.

1. Content

Let’s start from a premise: without posting quality content, converting leads quickly is practically a utopia. So how are you going to create content that can convert your followers, draw attention to your real estate brand and channel them to your real estate sales or rental funnel on Instagram? Offer them an attractive design, find out which content is most interesting to your audience, and optimize the frequency and quality of publication based on the feedback you collect. By posting quality content accompanied by equally good design, you will end up offering excellent value to your followers, who will then be enticed to contact you.

2. Caption

Posting good content on your real estate agency’s Instagram profile is certainly a great starting point. But that’s not all, of course. We have already talked to you about the caption, which plays a decisive role in framing the image of your brand in the eyes of visitors and, after the release of the latest Instagram updates, it will be displayed only for the first two or three lines. This means that you will have to be good at synthesizing the text to immediately contextualize your followers and capture their attention so that they are pushed to read even the caption that is not shown and to interact with you, commenting and putting a “like” until you click a link.

3. Landing page

A landing page (or landing page) is nothing more than the web page that your followers will reach after clicking on the link you have pre-inserted in your bio. This is where your sales funnel ends, which will make you successful in the lead generation process with Instagram by taking your followers to the last step of the funnel: action.

To have more possibilities to convert your audience into leads and then into customers of your real estate agency, make sure that the landing page is optimized for mobile devices, as users usually connect to Instagram from their smartphone or tablet. Make navigation on your website easier by simplifying navigation and optimizing all call-to-action (CTA).

And finally…

If you have had the patience to follow all the steps we have proposed and to listen to every piece of advice, you will have a very good chance of succeeding in your intent to create value for your real estate agency from lead generation with Instagram.

But don’t forget that to optimize the funnel process and increase the conversion rate from this channel, there is one last very important step left: interact with your followers. Respond promptly to comments by mentioning the people who compliment you, who ask you for information, and why not, also those who criticize you. We have already talked to you about how crucial immediate responses are, also and above all on social networks, in the process of selling properties. Now is not the time to let your guard down!

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