Real estate agents, how to sell a house abroad in 2021

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Why remain anchored to limited markets when, thanks to the most innovative digital tools, it is possible to reach “anywhere”? It is precisely from this concept that real estate experts have begun a detailed analysis of all possible expansions towards the foreign real estate market.

Is it possible to sell a house abroad in 2021? The answer (and not only) in this reading aims to expand your market share and give you the right keys to win the trust even of those you would never have dared to imagine.

We have already revealed some secrets to selling a house to foreigners and how to achieve this through the use of multilingual SEO. If you are wondering how it is possible to sell a house abroad today, what tools you need and everything different you need to learn, make yourself comfortable: we are about to start.

In order to draft a guide that was as comprehensive as possible, we initially asked ourselves what we would actually need to set off on this potentially borderless journey. Surely, a series of practical tips will help you clearly outline which business plan to implement to approach the foreign real estate market.

Expand your target audience: let’s start from the basics

We know perfectly well that your entire business is based on relationships built over time, relationships of trust with initially skeptical and then conquered customers, positive word of mouth that has led you to the target customer base you rely on today.

Warning: learning to sell a house to foreigners certainly does not mean abandoning all this; it will only mean expanding your reach and adding more life to your business.

Dedicating yourself to a new branch, in this case, the foreign market could be a very positive extra for your business.

There will undoubtedly be changes to what you are generally used to doing, but after all, a successful entrepreneur is not afraid to take risks. And then, who said that these “new” tips could not also be applied to your traditional target market?

We are convinced that there is more than something within this reading, which could be useful to you regardless.

Let’s start with an absolutely comforting fact: more and more foreigners are buying in Italy. The individual reasons for their investment could be the most disparate and vary according to the geographical area where they choose to buy a house.

Many Europeans, for example, choose tourist resorts as an investment for their holidays, while more and more Americans (especially over 60s) decide to buy a second home in Italy to move to a permanent establishment in sight or once they have retired.

In any case, you can be sure of one thing: the foreigners who buy in Italy, there are, indeed they are more and more in recent years. You just have to find the best way to reach them… and conquer them!

Selling a house abroad: from theory to practice

After a necessary theoretical premise to overcome hypothetical skepticism, the time has now come to get to the heart and to reveal which strategy could be successful for selling a house to foreigners.

Below we list some preliminary tips, including some basic data to necessarily analyze before taking action.

1. Analyze your area of ​​expertise

Know that wherever your real estate agency is, you may have useful assignments to reach the foreign market.

If you are thinking that foreigners are looking only and exclusively for renowned tourist locations, “famous” places, know that you are very wrong.

A masseria, a country cottage, an apartment in the center, a mountain hut or a villa in the hills: every type of real estate could find its potential buyer outside the national borders, trust me.

2. Study the competition: how do your competitors deal with the topic?

You know very well, competition can often help. Also in this case, a careful temporal analysis of the work of your competitors regarding the foreign market could be a powerful source of inspiration for you.

Since it will probably be an innovation, or in any case a choice, the countertrend and minority compared to colleagues in your area of ​​belonging, it is absolutely not certain that someone in the area before you has thought about it, but it is always better to get adequate information.

If your competition hasn’t gotten there yet, take note of it to better differentiate yourself: offering a service first, in the real estate sector, will bring you a significant future advantage when many or all will do it.

If, on the other hand, other colleagues are already having relations with the foreign real estate market, then look carefully, study and take note. This aspect will be fundamental in the action phase to calibrate the steps to be taken.

3. Evaluate real estate requests: real and potential

Probably, before thinking of selling a house to foreigners, you had never analyzed how many real and potential requests your real estate agency could receive. Perhaps you have also happened, in the past, not to give too much weight to that email arrived from the foreign investor, since you did not have the right tools to give it the correct follow-up. Maybe you haven’t actually received any yet, because your business is focused on another target, but this in no way excludes the fact of being able to start having them.

Did you take the time to collect all the necessary data? Perfect, then let’s continue our journey.

Let’s start with the eyes: professional photographic quality, virtual tours and real estate videos

Speaking of the foreign market, it is clear that you will have to approach the potential buyer in a different way. Starting from the eyes, it will certainly be fundamental.

Starting by proposing professional and high-quality photographs could certainly prove to be a trump card.

You will have to put yourself in the shoes of a possible buyer who, comfortably seated in his home, perhaps in Berlin or New York, comes across your real estate ad.

What would he think if he watched the passing of poor-quality images? It would certainly pass over, trust me.

Starting from the concept that foreigners in the real estate field have been accustomed for several years to a higher quality approach than our own (sad truth), a valid move could also be to take advantage of the so-called real estate virtual tours.

What is a virtual tour? Thanks to this tool you will be able to literally bring customers into your home. The latest technologies allow you to take 360 ​​° photos that are able to accompany the viewer room by room. In this way you can give an absolutely realistic idea of ​​the real estate proposal, avoiding the possibility of unpleasant oversights or surprises.

Emotional real estate videos: a new and rampant trend in the field is that relating to real estate videos. A real tour, this time not photographic, where the real estate consultant is often the protagonist in the first person.

Naturally, with the video entirely shot and edited inside the apartment, the real estate agent will simulate a real visiting appointment for their viewers.

However, remember that being a foreign market, the video, in this case, must be recorded entirely in English, otherwise, you would risk not attracting attention in a sufficiently satisfactory and persuasive way.

What do you think about it? Could these be good suggestions for your current target market as well?

Complete and exhaustive real estate advertisements: more than usual

Another important aspect for anyone who decides to focus on the foreign market is that dedicated to real estate ads.

You will certainly know the importance that a real estate ad has in your work. Very well, then it multiplies this degree of importance exponentially, extending its resonance to the foreign market.

First precaution: all the real estate advertisements that will arrive in front of the eyes of potential buyers, must also be adequately translated into English in this case. Should a potential client find himself in front of a real estate ad in Italian, know that he would have no interest in providing the translation independently.

Customers should always be pampered, especially those who are at a distance and who will have to be impressed and interested by what your real estate agency offers.

A secret to making your real estate listings more eye-catching is to tell a story.

In what sense?

With this concept, we want to focus on what will remain for those who have read your ad. Foreigners who choose to invest in brick in Italy also do so because they are in love with our history, culture, landscapes, and everything that the Italian lifestyle represents. It is therefore right to provide them with all the necessary information, thanks to a storytelling strategy.

It best describes the area in which the real estate proposal is located, some interesting curiosities and always thinks that they know absolutely nothing about the place. It is therefore good to be as clear and detailed as possible.

Writing a real estate ad in an exhaustive manner, without neglecting the more technical aspects related to the property, therefore trying to answer any possible doubts or questions from the start, will halve the possible contact and negotiation times.

Selling a house abroad: how to choose real estate portals and social channels

After having carefully packaged the “product to be shipped” to the foreign market, the time has come to devote oneself to the international real estate marketing strategy and the sponsorship to be implemented. We actually anticipated it in part, but it is clear that your approach with the foreign real estate market will be exclusively through the web.

So how to sell a house outside using the digital world? First of all, you will have to arm yourself with a tool that in this case will be very useful to you, investing in sponsored online.

You can choose the path of social networks or that of search engines like Google, but know that the goal will be to be able to reach interested potential buyers.

Social networks like Facebook allow entrepreneurs to do a great job using their marketing campaigns. Specifically, by analyzing and studying the potential foreign target, you will be able to profile in a targeted manner, creating the target audience to which your campaigns will reach. You can learn more about these topics by consulting our Facebook Ads and Linkedin Ads guides.

It will certainly take practice, time, mistakes, and financial investment, but the result will be wonderful! You can do the same thing, or rather a similar path, with Google Ads campaigns, taking advantage of the visibility of the ads on your real estate website. If you choose this second route, always remember that it will be advisable to have the website already translated into a foreign language.

As for real estate portals: they could undoubtedly be of great help, especially those specialized in foreign targets.

In Italy, licensed real estate agents are now used to working also by exploiting the power of real estate portals, to increase corporate visibility and collect a larger slice of potential buyers.

As for the foreign market, things are a little different. The real estate portals that deal with this are there, but we advise you to use them sparingly. In this sense, being a “particular” contact, it would be good not to add further steps or intermediaries to your final result.

It is for this reason that for completeness of knowledge, we emphasize that they exist, but it will then be up to you to evaluate their real effectiveness.

Selling a house abroad, yes .. but without errors!

As often happens to those who approach professional innovations, making mistakes is the basis for leveling the experience and proceeding later on in a big way.

In this case, however, being you a real estate professional, already having a corporate reputation to defend, therefore, you should commit as little as possible.

During the reading, we have provided you with useful ideas to approach the foreign real estate market and thus expand your catchment area.

We are confident that you will treasure these tips and will soon put them into practice successfully.

Good luck!

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