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A real estate agent should always look for new ways to promote their agency and the properties in their real estate portfolio, and among the most innovative and effective methods, there is undoubted, today more than ever, a good real estate Instagram strategy.

Many of our users have decided to enter the world of online marketing and they certainly have a good reason for doing so: more people than ever are using the Internet today to find their dream home. If the first houses to be found are yours, you will have a good chance that they will remain etched in the mind of the buyer, and in this, a thoughtful real estate Instagram strategy can be of great help.

Instagram real estate: how to …

To get started, it’s essential to know how to take quality photos with the device you use to post on Instagram. The quality pictures attract a lot more people and we have a high performance in terms of likes on Instagram.

What makes Instagram unique are the hashtags. Use those hashtags that you think can be followed, searched or used by those who are part of your target. Use hashtags that are relevant to the location of the houses you are trying to sell.

Have you noticed how many posts have an endless slew of hashtags? Hashtags allow the Instagram algorithm to understand what content is about and, consequently, allow its distribution among the potentially most interested audiences. But be careful not to use conflicting or ambiguous terms, the hashtags used must follow a logic.

Instagram users also have the ability to search for geo-located photos within the platform with the help of a map, so be sure to accurately enter the place where you took your photo before uploading it. Great way to connect with people in your same geographic area who might be looking for a home, don’t you think?

Integrate your Instagram account with other social networks, for example, make sure that every post on Instagram is automatically shared on Facebook and Twitter. This cross-posting strategy can be very effective as it allows more people to see your posts.

Step by step real estate Instagram strategy

As with any marketing strategy, a real estate Instagram strategy also needs to follow some core points which are:

  • the definition of a specific goal and a strategy to achieve it;
  • frequent and constant publication of content,
  • knowledge of one’s audience;
  • have your own style in content management.

The identification of a goal is perhaps the most important aspect, as everything you publish on Instagram will be a function of achieving a purpose, and the more successful the content, the more it will generate appeal for your followers.

Did you understand what you want from a real estate Instagram strategy? Well, now you have to understand who your target is, only so you can understand if your content is reaching the audience of your interest.

You have defined your goals and you know who you are addressing, it is time to plan your strategy and implement it. We decided to plan this strategy in 4 steps:

> Maximize the effectiveness of your profile

Although it is a social network in which visual marketing prevails by far, you can also optimize your profile with text, in fact, it is possible to insert a small biography of your agency. It goes without saying that this brief description must contain your values ​​and your mission.

Returning to what characterizes Instagram and that is the visual part, inserting a characterizing profile image is very important. It helps the recognition of your brand.

Do you have a website and a blog? Put the links in the personal information of your profile. This great technique for generating traffic to the page you want. Maybe a real estate landing page to convert your users into leads or potential customers.

> Create a content marketing plan

We have already talked about content marketing, and today we will consider it from an Instagram real estate perspective. It is not enough to publish photos on photos to be able to say to apply a good real estate content marketing strategy on Instagram, it is necessary to understand what is the message that you want to convey with this content.

Only when you understand what you want to convey with an image or video can it be optimized for maximum engagement of your followers.

Examples of images and videos that are often of interest to the public are those of the real estate agency team, how-to guides or videos of satisfied customers.

Another piece of advice that can often escape the eye of the less experienced, is to be consistent with the other marketing channels and means used, the so-called multichannel marketing.

This means that if your website is completely blue with italicized text, the photos on Instagram should not be red with bold lettering.

> Define an editorial plan

Publishing in a constant, frequent, and well-defined manner can be very useful for creating maximum audience engagement precisely because the latter knows when to expect your content.

How much to post? The ideal would be at least two pieces of content per day and do some tests to understand which content is best suited to the needs of the audience.

When to post? Several studies say that the most suitable days are Monday and Thursday between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning, but we would like to advise you to do some field tests and understand when your users are most active.

> Measure the results

Was your strategy effective? To find out and to understand what to improve, check the growth of your followers, likes, and comments.

Instagram stories

Instagram allows you to post 15-second images and mini-videos in the “stories” format. This type of content will be deleted automatically after 24 hours, and represent a sort of Snapchat within the same Instagram. From a strategic point of view, Stories are extremely suitable for “behind the scenes” content.

Did you take a client to see one of your properties this weekend? Why not create a series of stories with all the most amazing corners of the house? Obviously remember that the “stories” format, as the name itself suggests, prefers a basic consistency to the contents that will be posted. If between one photo and another you have changed property, create a full-text in which you explain the transfer of locations, and then remain consistent with the narrative.

A new IGTV opportunity

According to some forecasts, in 2019 80% of internet traffic will come from viewing video content on social media and it is no coincidence that in June 2018, Instagram launched the new Instagram TV feature. We could define a new channel within the channel. Creators can now produce videos longer than 1 minute, the maximum to date allowed within the platform, dabbling in vertical videos with a maximum length of 120 minutes.

“Yes, but longer videos are more boring and people don’t watch them.”

True. Certainly fewer users will be likely to see your long video until the end, but those who do will also be the most interested in your figure and your skills, and therefore potential customers. In addition, the format offered by IGTV allows you to go deeper into reasoning and create greater intimacy. Too often, communication on social media is associated as superficial and with a low degree of attention. With IGTV you can talk about the real estate themes most dear to you in-depth and without worrying about the clock, fully satisfying the information needs of your users.

Do not underestimate the possibility of personal branding even with these new tools. Every format, from simple Instagram Posts to Stories to IGTV, represents an opportunity to be seized for your real estate business.

Dos and don’ts on Instagram

As in all marketing channels and media, there are do’s and don’ts on Instagram too, and to clarify your ideas further we have decided to name a few, starting with what we recommend you do.

> Post photos and videos of your production

The reason your users follow you on Instagram is to see the latest and greatest arrivals on your listings, hear your thoughts on the local market and its news, and what your clients and colleagues are saying about your agency.

> Create mini pricelist presentation texts

You need to know what it means about your real estate portfolio before making an Instagram video. Being spontaneous can help you be more natural, but with a time limit, it’s best to know what to say first.

> Leverage former customers as testimonials

Satisfied customers are a godsend to allow you to have future customers as well. A 15-second video showing your happy and satisfied customers in their homes, and how this purchase has changed their life, can be very effective.

> Automatically share posts on Facebook and Twitter

Among the settings, there is the possibility to share a post on Facebook and Twitter as soon as you post it on Instagram.

> Show your personal side

Put yourself in your users’ shoes: who would you like to be your real estate agent? Someone who speaks without smiling and without a minimum of personality or someone with a bit of panache, who seems to want to interact?

Once in a while, it can be interesting to post a photo of the annual barbecue with your colleagues, or a selfie with your former clients. But be careful, once in a while …

> Use popular and relevant hashtags

The key to being found in every social network (except LinkedIn) is to use hashtags.

Use keywords that belong to your specific real estate sector or to the tradition of your city. These can be great hashtags for your local market.

#Casainvendita, #portafoglioimmobili, #mercatoimmobiliare, are all examples of possible hashtags to use. Do some tests to understand which are the most used by Instagram users and then use them to enrich your posts.

Now let’s see what not to do with your real estate Instagram strategy.

> Don’t over-edit your photos

Editing real estate photos or applying filters to your catalog isn’t the best, but some tweaking to improve lighting, contrast and light may be necessary. However, avoid alterations that change images completely.

> Don’t post too many photos of your personal life

Your real estate Instagram profile has a direct purpose towards your real estate business, so posting too much content about you could take your strategy off the rails.

> Don’t use too many hashtags

Too much is good, too many hashtags take the focus off the post message. Certainly, the more hashtags you use and the more likes you can get but at the same time you will lose the highly targeted ones you intended to target the post to.

> Do not leave your account

Like all effective and successful strategies, it takes time for your real estate Instagram strategy to bear fruit. Don’t be disheartened if you can’t reach the desired number of followers after a month, everything will come in due time, as long as your strategy is spot on.


Instagram is a unique social network of its kind, it is purely for mobile use, it is based on visual elements and it is practically devoid of external links. Above we have given you just a few tips for your real estate Instagram strategy.

Being successful on Instagram means making a few simple moves but in the right way, and always being ready and fast in interacting with your followers.

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