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After dealing with the “social” theme with  Facebook real estate for beginners and the complete guide of Facebook real estate, with the strategies of Instagram real estate and YouTube real estate, let’s now talk about a social network that has only been enjoying deserved success for a few years, LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the professional social network par excellence: implementing a LinkedIn real estate strategy could in fact be an excellent technique to improve the lead generation of your real estate agency.

With this, we do not want to tell you that you will have to dedicate your social media marketing strategies only to the management of a real estate LinkedIn strategy, but that in any case, this social network deserves constant and respectable attention. To help you maximize the effectiveness of managing your profile and your LinkedIn page, we have decided to offer you a series of tips that can help you optimize your lead generation capacity.

The first thing to do in your LinkedIn real estate strategy is to build your network and, if you operate locally, have no qualms about maximizing your social network in your city, province and region. Do not misinterpret this message, however, the most wrong thing you could do is add all the links suggested by LinkedIn without analyzing them first, finding yourself with many off-target and not very useful links for your real estate agency, and thus ensuring the title of ” spammer ” (with the risk of measures by the social network including the definitive ban!).

For this reason, when you scroll through the recommended links, you define some parameters and characteristics that these must-have, such as being freelancers, being part of certain groups or communities, being involved in the real estate sector in some way, and so on.

To increase the chances of being accepted by the most interesting users, customize the link request, making sure you give the person a reason to do so. At the same time, make sure you respond to connection request messages: many interesting and important contacts could arise from these answers.

As soon as you create a link, welcome and thank him for accepting your request, and perhaps offer him your availability to answer any questions in the real estate sector. When you start to have many connections, it will be difficult to find the person you are looking for among all these, but to overcome this problem LinkedIn gives you the possibility to insert “tags” into your connections, allowing you to segment them as you see fit. Go to “My network”, then “Links” and you will see that scrolling down you will find the word “tag” on your contacts: in this way you can define groups based on the interest they have in your business (eg: little interested, interested, very interested).

Ok, you’ve built a respectable network on LinkedIn, but now you need to stay in touch. Contacting every single person is impossible, so you can use the export contacts function by clicking on “My network”, then “Connections” and finally “Export LinkedIn connections”: this way you can easily add your LinkedIn contacts to within your ERP or within your CRM and manage them much more easily.

If you want to get hold of what is probably the most precious data for you and your email marketing campaigns, then precisely the emails of your contacts, unfortunately for a while LinkedIn has no longer exported them together with other contact data, but you need to go to the profile you are interested in and click on “Contact information” (or “Contact info” for those like us who use the English version). Here you can copy the email and then use it for web marketing or lead nurturing actions that interest you most.

Blogging and LinkedIn real estate

For some time it has been possible to create a blog within LinkedIn itself, for now only available in the English language mode (it is still possible to create content in Italian, but the English language must be selected in the settings), which gives users the ability to connect with your contacts via another channel. The feature we’re talking about is LinkedIn Pulse, LinkedIn’s attempt to improve its content creation and curation skills. Pulse allows you to view popular articles and content tailored to your interests, and in addition to this, you can subscribe to Pulse’s daily or weekly news notifications, or instant notifications when an influencer you are following posts new content.

Don’t know how to write professional content for real estate yet? Don’t worry, we have articles entirely dedicated to real estate blogging and real estate content marketing that you can consult for free.

How to optimize your LinkedIn profile

Enter your website, links to other social networks and your bio that highlights your experience in the real estate sector and the areas in which you specialize. Have you worked with other agencies in the past? Do you have any certifications? Add this kind of detail too.

LinkedIn gives you the possibility to insert different multimedia content in the Summary, Experience and Training sections, why not take advantage of it? Filling in these fields would give you the opportunity to showcase your projects and some of the major goals you have achieved. Maybe you had a higher volume of sales last year or you have a fabulous real estate listing that you helped your clients sell – anything that sets you apart from the crowd and makes your agency unique should be included.

Once all of this information has been entered, upload a quality professional image that includes unique information about your business. The more you can convey your professional skills and qualities, your experience and your hard work, the more a user or partner looking for a real estate agent on LinkedIn will consider you in this decision.

In addition, LinkedIn gives you the ability to reorder the various sections as you like. If you have won any awards, such as the Real Estate Award or your franchise’s Real Estate Agent of the Year award, you may want to move this section right under your summary so that it is immediately visible. Make sure that each section of your profile is complete and that there are no spaces left blank. Your LinkedIn profile is your summary on the web, so treat it as seriously as you treat any resume.

In order not to miss anything, you must know that it is also possible to index your LinkedIn profile, therefore, to improve your SEO on LinkedIn you can insert a professional image, an effective introduction (which describes much more than just your current work experience ), also adding the keywords with which you want to be found in different sections of your profile. Remember that Google really likes LinkedIn and if you search for someone’s name on the search engine, their LinkedIn profile will be among the first results.

Stand out from the crowd

A good LinkedIn real estate strategy must aim at differentiating your agency from all the others, so once you have entered all the information about your agency, think about how to optimize it over time, differentiating it from those of other agents.

Anyways to do it? First of all, there are some tricks that in their small way could make a difference, such as customizing the LinkedIn URL. Rather than using a URL with random numbers, confusing and essentially useless on the SEO side, enter only your name and surname or the name of your agency: this will reinforce the idea of ​​talking to a person, company, and not a robot, as well as indexing you more on search engines.

Surely you have entered your website in your contact information, but in doing so you probably have not thought of disabling the use of the LinkedIn default anchor text list. Therefore, go to your profile and change this entry by clicking on “Other”, and inserting something more attractive to people who visit your profile: this will help you to increase the number of clicks on your website link.

The two just proposed are only small tricks; If, on the other hand, you are motivated to differentiate yourself from other agents with your LinkedIn real estate strategy, you can do so by creating a LinkedIn page for your agency. First of all, make sure that your agency’s information is correct and up-to-date, not only on LinkedIn but on any social media you preside over. To make sure you don’t forget to do this, you can add administrators who only take care of your profiles.

To make your page really effective, activate content marketing strategies to humanize the agency as much as possible. Share at least two content a day of some relevance: this will not only improve your presence on LinkedIn but will drive traffic of users from your LinkedIn page to your website. If you feel like taking the path of writers, you can create and share your content. Is there a better way to expand your network and keep your audience interested?

Think about it, when you search LinkedIn pages, they almost always have something in common: they are all similar to each other. Of course, every agency has characteristics and some structure their profile better than others, but almost always there is a lack of personality. Through SlideShare, a platform that we will discuss later, it is possible to overcome this problem by uploading videos that appear on the homepage of your agency page and in that of your followers.

Any multimedia content you create (as long as it has good informational content), can help your LinkedIn page be more effective. Just as photos, graphics, articles, etc. are highly performing in other social networks, even on LinkedIn they can be used to improve your social media marketing strategy.

Increase lead generation

One of the best ways to increase the number of leads is to create or join groups. In case you decide to create one, base it on a topic relevant to your real estate agency and specifically for your area, in order to increase communities, generate new ideas for your content, to finally generate new leads.

Creating a group has many benefits, but the main one is being able to become opinion leaders and guides for sellers and buyers in your area. If you decide to join an existing group, be sure to interact as much as possible with other members to improve your online presence.

According to LinkedIn, your profile is 5 times more viewed if you are a member and active in groups. But remember that groups are interested in the community and not you: therefore participate, but to support the community, not to sell properties.

Did you also know that if you are part of a group, you can send a message to another user within the same group without being a 1st degree connection? Now you know.

Connect LinkedIn with other media and vice versa

LinkedIn is not a world apart, it is in fact the case to promote it and grow your professional network also through your website by adding a badge that you address to your LinkedIn page. In addition to connecting it with your site, you can insert a button for sharing,  in order to facilitate the sharing of content by your users, thus increasing the traffic to your profile and to your website.

Sponsor your content

Another option to maximize your presence on LinkedIn is to use sponsored updates (i.e. to advertise with LinkedIn Ads real estate ), a feature that, like Facebook, allows you to help brands target their content to specific segments of their own. audience.

If you have a small real estate agency, do not despair, because you can implement a Linkedin real estate marketing plan tailored to your spending potential, in fact, LinkedIn also favors strategies with limited budgets.

Open a SlideShare account

As anticipated, LinkedIn owns the famous SlideShare presentation platform that allows you to upload your presentations in Powerpoint or .pdf format and save them in its library. This content will help your indexing, as long as the content is relevant as always.

SlideShare can be used in different ways, to start doing it you have to create a profile, maybe use the LinkedIn login, and upload your presentation which you will then have to modify, giving it an attractive title and using the searched keywords.

As we have already mentioned above, it is possible to insert videos on LinkedIn, to do so you must use SlideShare. To do this you must first create a SlideShare account, then upload a video to YouTube, upload the presentation to your SlideShare account and insert the link of the Youtube video on the first slide of your presentation, lastly, publish your presentation on your profile.

LinkedIn also, after a test period reserved only for some selected profiles, has extended the possibility of uploading documents in .pdf format directly to the home page (feed) to all members of the social network: now it is, therefore, possible to upload textual content, videos, images and documents. Essential in a social network reserved for business exchanges between people.



Putting in place a LinkedIn real estate strategy means helping yourself and your agency to improve lead generation, ensuring the growth of your business. LinkedIn was born with the aim of being the only social network completely dedicated to professionals, so join its network and follow our advice to get the benefits that only a social network like LinkedIn can provide.


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