The 2021 guide to selling your home abroad

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You have probably heard it around, or read somewhere on the web: the foreign real estate market is certainly an excellent opportunity for anyone with a need or a simple desire to sell an unused real estate property.

Is it said that foreigners are increasingly considering the Bel Paese to invest in brick? Absolutely yes, this is confirmed by the statistics and all positive data relating to this trend.

Why do foreigners choose to buy a house in Italy today? We will understand it step by step during this reading, but what we will focus on most is just how to be able to sell a house abroad in 2021.

What you may not yet know is in fact that thanks to digital real estate marketing in this case, results can be achieved that until a few years ago were not at all considered possible.

So, you just have to take note of the fundamental things, structure a model to follow, and then … proceed with the sale of your home abroad!

Why do foreigners choose to buy a house in Italy?

Before proceeding with the actual practical advice, it is our duty to open a useful parenthesis for anyone who wants to have a general overview of the reasons that lead a foreigner to invest in “our” real estate sector.

It is fundamental, more than useful, in fact, to understand who you are dealing with in order to best succeed in the intent of selling a house: in fact, know that carefully profiling a potential buyer is already calculated as 20% of a real estate transaction carried out with success.

Therefore, the first useful piece of advice is to leave nothing to chance: since this is not your profession, it is absolutely normal that you may not give weight to very important elements.

Foreigners buy in Italy for two main reasons:

  1. A large percentage represents a target of over 50 who choose to move to our country to live on a permanent basis.
  2. A smaller percentage, on the other hand, chooses to buy a house in Italy as an investment, or as a holiday home.

There are various advantages that push foreigners to choose to bet on Italy.

  • First of all, certainly, the architectural and landscape beauties that our country offers: it is in fact a plus for a foreigner who often remains literally fascinated by the warmth and colors of our land.
  • Airline tickets between European Community countries that now have affordable and super convenient prices: this is another reason that fortunately favors such travel compared to other nations.
  • Variety of investment: there is a possibility for everyone, both financially and by type and needs.

All these potential motivations are naturally related to a percentage of personal motivations relating to foreigners who buy a house in Italy, which could not be calculated in the analysis phase, but they do exist.

Selling a house abroad: it’s time to start!

Well, now you just have to draw up a real analysis to understand which type of buyer might be interested in your property and consequently draw your conclusions and act in the way you think is most correct.

Do you have a property to sell located in a metropolis like Milan, Rome or another municipality of purely urban interest?

Is it a farm in the countryside, surrounded by greenery? Of a villa by the sea? In short, before setting up any real estate marketing strategy, it is good to fully understand the potential of the product you are selling.

Only after this analysis, it is necessary to try to outline, as already mentioned, which type of foreigner could be of interest.
And then? Begin concretely to take action to sell the property for all purposes.

Below, a series of practical and useful tips for:

  • Present the property in the best possible way
  • Position yourself correctly on the web
  • Convince and excite the potential audience

Preparing the property for sale in the best possible way: do-it-yourself home staging?

Probably talking about home staging is risky during this reading but it could be an excellent starting point to understand how to prepare a property for sale.

What you may not yet know is that it is very rare for a house to be placed on the market “as is”. What does it mean?

This means that like any self-respecting product for sale, properties also need preparation before arriving in front of potential buyers.

There are real estate marketing professionals who help private individuals and licensed real estate agents in preparing a home for sale. However, there are general rules that are certainly useful for presenting a house for sale and not to make mistakes that could prove fatal.

Decluttering: from the English “eliminate the superfluous”.

This is the first and perhaps the most important piece of advice for anyone who wants to sell a property they own. Depersonalizing a house for sale and eliminating the superfluous are precisely the two fundamental pillars of real estate marketing. Unless it is a completely empty house, every real estate property needs adequate depersonalization.

Especially as regards selling a house abroad, it is absolutely important to be able to identify potential buyers in those spaces viewed through the screen of a PC or a smartphone.

And how to succeed in this attempt if the property is full of personal objects and photographs that refer to the life of the owner?  Here then, you will immediately understand how essential this step is to be able to sell a house abroad in the most appropriate way possible.

Images able to excite: here’s how

How to sell a house abroad with poor images and rooms photographed with a mobile phone?

We assure you that, even in 2021, there are still strong limits to this.

Even you, who are not a real estate professional, must know that to sell your home at its best, you will necessarily have to succeed in creating a real high-quality photoshoot.

Our advice?

In this case, there are two ways:

  • Rely on a professional photographer and invest your budget in this (it’s essential!)
  • Specialize with photography basics and proceed on your own

It is clear that everything depends on you and on your skills and possibilities: what matters, in this case, is definitely the final result.

You need a professional photoshoot, which can immortalize a well-presented property: it’s up to you to choose which tools to use to do it.

Social channels and the online world: the most delicate but the most important step

After the preliminary and necessary basic actions, now are the time to let your property begin its journey into the fabulous world of the web.

We actually took it for granted, but perhaps it is worth pointing out that the web will be your only concrete tool to be able to sell a house abroad.

Did you think there were others? In order to hit the foreign market, it is precisely necessary to convey the operation through the world of the Internet.

Like? Again, you have several options and we recommend that you test them all, at least initially. 

  • Social channels: Facebook is essential
  • Real estate portals
  • Creation of landing pages using search engines

Facebook and sponsored: focus on ads

The most powerful social network that surely everyone will know, has a unique functionality of its kind.

It allows you to create sponsored ads able to send a message (clearly promotional) and get it directly to a targeted audience.

Attention, however: Facebook does not allow you to create advertisements from a personal profile, but it will be necessary to create a so-called “Page”.

You can easily find free tools online and in the guides of the same social network to deepen the topic and get off to a great start. WeAgentz also has very in-depth guides that we have studied specifically for real estate agents, such as the first approaches to Facebook real estate,  the complete Facebook guide to the real estate sector,  the Facebook page of a real estate agency, and how to take the first steps on Facebook Ads real estate.

What you will need to know, however, is that this social network allows you to segment your potential audience, precisely to target and therefore promote your ad only to those who are in the interests in a manner consistent with what you are offering for sale.

A practical example? If your property to sell is a villa immersed in the green hills of Tuscany, the potential audience to reach could be a couple over 50, perhaps Germans or Northern Europeans, interested in that type of home.

If, on the other hand, you have a super modern two-room apartment in the beating heart of a large city such as Milan, it will be essential to segment your audience by aiming at a younger target, with interests appropriate to what is offered.

Here is explained through two practical examples, the reason why using this tool to sell a house abroad is one of the best performings today.

Real estate portals – a great tool to get started

Like all self-respecting real estate promotions, even with regard to the foreign brick market, and there are real estate portals useful for reaching potential buyers.

Even in this case, however, it is necessary to pay close attention: what we recommend is certainly to make a preliminary selection and not to be present on “all” the platforms in the sector.

This advice will serve you first of all to test the individual portals and secondly because they are often paid portals, so before investing money, always choose to test the tools and thus not burn potentially interesting possibilities for your home.

Digital marketing to sell a house abroad: useful tips (for everyone!)

We understand perfectly well that you are neither an expert in digital marketing nor a real estate agent, but if you have decided to sell your house outside, it will be essential for you to acquire basic skills to succeed in the best possible way.

A potentially interesting tool could in fact be learning how to create landing pages to promote your property through the search engine channel. There are many free portals that can guide you in this process, just a pinch of creativity and practice is enough !.

This possibility, technically more advanced than those previously proposed, could actually prove to be absolutely performing and useful for being able to sell a house to the foreign real estate market.

What we would like to advise you is to try absolutely: you will see that after a few attempts, you will be fully successful.

Last but not least: the real estate ad (in English of course)

Here we are at the last but not least, in fact, useful suggestion.

Whatever the path you decide to take to sell this “too many” house as quickly as possible, it will be very important for potential buyers (and therefore for you too) to be able to find the right words to describe, excite and convince in the text. of the real estate announcement.

To describe, excite and convince: easy? Absolutely not, but of course completely necessary!

The real estate ad will have to be built step by step, following a well-defined structure.

In fact, remember that, with a good chance, whoever reads your words will know absolutely nothing about what you are saying: foreigners do not know many details about places, our architecture, distances.

This is why it will be very important that you are as detailed and exhaustive as possible in the story. Think about it … after all the work done, it would be a shame that potentially interested customers discard the property due to a poorly constructed or poorly detailed annuccio.

Here then, this last step must be implemented in a timely, concise, and meticulous way, to achieve the goal that has been set for you: the sale of your home abroad.

We have juxtaposed for you a guide that will guide you step by step in creating an effective real estate ad, consult it at the link.

And don’t forget to translate it into English, or whatever language is the one suitable for your target audience: if you don’t think you are suitable for this purpose and you don’t have the right skills, don’t get lost right at the best, but entrust the task to those who know how to perform a professional translation.

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