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Your real estate agent can benefit a lot from using social media and the reason is very simple: you have tons of photos, which people love to browse as they scroll through the Facebook wall. So, posting photographs of interiors and/or exteriors of apartments and farmhouses on your Facebook page is a very good idea.

Do not stop promoting your properties with classic paper advertising and with advertisements in the local press and trade magazines, but do not forget to also dedicate time to the development of your Facebook page, since the new generations use these alternative channels more than to traditional ones.

Why Facebook and not another social network?

You may be wondering what opportunities and prospects a social network like Facebook could have for the development and growth of sales of your real estate agency, especially in view of the often not very useful and disorganized content that is usually found in this social platform.

The answer is simple: you don’t necessarily need to spend money on Facebook advertising if you know how to do it.

You don’t have to search for customers over the phone or by sending long emails, just attract them with a comprehensive marketing strategy, where you can use social media and increase your customer base. In the real estate sector, social networks are the ideal way to find clients and increase the turnover of your agency.

Why use Facebook? Because it is the most appreciated and most used social network by people. Not surprisingly, we have already explored every aspect of the most effective Facebook real estate strategies.

Better to create a new profile or the page of your real estate agency?

The question is actually quite rhetorical, to make the most of your real estate agency you need to create a company page and not a profile! What changes? A Facebook page allows you to do a lot more things than you could do with a personal profile.

For example, in the pages there is the insight function, which allows you to measure the results of your marketing strategy on Facebook, revealing:
– the demographics of your fans (how old they are, if they are male or female, where they come from … ),
– days and times of greatest influx on your Facebook page,
– detailed statistics for each post you publish (views, clicks, comments, shares …),
– possibility of obtaining reviews (a kind of TripAdvisor but in a section of your page Facebook),
– possibility to sponsor your posts through Facebook Ads which helps you to expand the visibility of your posts.

Now you can well understand that through these tools you can use Facebook professionally, while with the private profile you can also get some results, but in fact you are limited. Furthermore, the social network policies prevent you from creating a personal profile for your agency, as it is a commercial activity and not, in fact, a person.

What do you have to do now? First of all, create a business page on Facebook and then start writing content, but always remember that it is not enough to publish once in a while, so remember to keep your Facebook page up to date.

Here are some useful tips for your posts

Facebook, unlike other social media, allows you to use different formats to publish your content, for example:
– videos with no maximum time limit
– photos and albums,
– text posts,
– links to your website/blog,
– live and direct video.

In reality, there are other formats and, over time, Facebook never stops integrating new ones.

But going more specifically, what could you post on your business page to be competitive? You could start by telling your work, describing what your work passions are and the goals you would like to achieve together with your clients. Then you could go into the specifics of your job, or post photos of your properties, insert them in the territory in which they are located by adding useful but brief information.

Once you have entered all this, you will see that your fans will start to take an interest in what you have to offer, and it will be time to answer their frequently asked questions fully, perhaps by inserting your successful case studies but without boring the readers. Also remember that most people who ask you questions want to get a directconcise answer that is understandable on first reading.

Do not share individual photos, but publish albums!

As we just said, your prospects love photos. When a house or apartment is ready to go up for sale, take professional photos and upload them to an album on your agency’s Facebook page. In this way, if a person is interested in a certain proposal, he will not have to get lost among the many photos that you have published in the meantime on your Facebook page, but he will find them all in the same place.

Based on what characteristics do you choose if a property is suitable to be shared on your page?

The first thing you will need to do is understand if the property is in line with the buying capacity and interests of your fans, in line with the real estate market and if you have high-quality photographic or video material.

Post photos with enticing descriptions

Writing content that grabs attention is a super effective way to increase interactions and consensus on your Facebook page.

No matter how convinced you are of the good quality of the content you have published on your real estate agency’s Facebook wall: if they do not attract visitors, it is better to modify the publication and modify the description of the attachments.

A beautiful photo gallery certainly attracts potential customers, but if shared without any text or poorly written, it will not lead to any sales and will affect the reputation of your business page.

Keep in mind that anything you publish, from the profile image to the cover image to the descriptions of your work and your company, everything must have a graphic and technical quality that is able to express professionalism and arouse interest in the eyes of the potential buyers.

As we said, with unprofessional photos and poor descriptions, visitors will be led to leave your real estate agency’s Facebook page after a few seconds.

Use your photos to ask questions

Inserting a series of questions in the photo caption can be another good way to increase interaction with your fans. Open questions are usually not too successful, but if you use multiple-choice questions and especially surveys you will greatly increase participation in your posts. This way you will be able to know what the people who follow you think and target your marketing strategy based on what interests your potential customers the most.

Keep your Facebook page and your fans up to date

Let’s say your Facebook page should be updated every day as if it were your logbook or agenda. It is important to always write and report news regarding the locations where you deal with selling real estate. For example, if someone rents a shop or buys an apartment, publish the news.

It is important to share with the other people who follow your page what happens in your daily work. Anyone who reads the news of someone who has bought a home, even if they were not in a hurry to buy, could find the right incentive to do so, perhaps driven by a happy photo of the new landlords.

In addition to successful sales, you also share the market entry of a new property, informing the audience of all the details of your new acquisition, and all other activities that could interest the potential customer.

Use the cover image to highlight the houses you have for sale and rotate them at least 3 or 4 times a month, the novelty arouses more interest!

Don’t just talk about what you do, let your customers speak too

Customer reviews let your audience know what they think about their experience with your agency. The classic written testimonials have now gone out of fashion, try to shoot video interviews with your buyers, perhaps inside the property just sold to prove to your followers the reality of what you do.

People trust your customers more than what you say, the opinions of loyal customers are critical to building consumer trust in you.

Share your website content and create funny posts

Facebook is a great way to share your blog content and increase traffic to your website.
In addition to cluttering the board with well-kept photos and detailed descriptions, take time to share funny posts to also attract the attention of those who are not directly interested in what you sell, at least not now. A rich variety of different content will help you keep the involvement of those who follow you alive and interested.

You cannot think of being successful on Facebook by posting only what interests you, namely selling real estate; you will have to try to produce content that people will want to watch, click, like, comment on and share. And to make this happen, you need to have excellent and targeted content that can give you excellent advertising, if in line with your goals and your target.

Facebook is a means, not the end

As you know, Facebook is not a real estate portal or real estate site looking for new owners around the world. And as such, it cannot be used as a notice board and offer.

For each platform we must adapt our communication, this was realized by the pioneers of web marketing who understood how the publication of directly and exclusively commercial and uninteresting content did not lead to an extraordinary benefit and did not represent a good method to attract new consumers to your business.

So, don’t just advertise your properties and ads but diversify the content you publish on your Facebook page, offering the visitor useful tips on the world of real estate, trying to approach him with guides and tricks of the trade, and showing him the human face of your real estate agency.

Give your real estate business a personal face

Posting images depicting members of your real estate team, mixed with old and new satisfied customers, will greatly help engage and enthuse potential buyers. They want to know that they are dealing with real people, not just companies hidden behind an internet ad. This will show your followers that you can help people buy a home, plus you’ll deserve the trust of other new customers.

Remember that the attention of people on Facebook is very weak, you just need nothing for the latest viral video of the moment, so it is good to bring people to your website, where you will have a better chance of converting them into contact. . Don’t despair, after getting carried away and posting a lot of content following these guidelines, it will all be much more fun and profitable.

Facebook Creative Hub: How to make your own social mockups creatively

For many licensed real estate agents, mobile advertising is a web marketing channel yet to be discovered, especially due to the rapid evolution of its formats and best practices. At WeAgentz, however, we know that people – your potential customers – consume content on mobile in a totally different way than they are used to on other devices.

From this radical behavioral difference is born Creative Hub, the new Facebook platform to facilitate the work of marketers and advertisers, a role that real estate agents often play in the first person. This tool allows you in a very simple way to preview the appearance on a mobile device of the advertisements (in most cases the real estate ads) to be published on both Facebook and Instagram.

This platform also allows you to create the same advertisements, which can be created for any type of format:

  • Interaction
  • Video
  • Image
  • Instagram format

On Creative Hub, you can also view a gallery of ideas that showcase various examples of mobile creativity, both on Facebook and Instagram. Added to this is the ability to save “test” advertisements and share them with your entire real estate team via Facebook Business Manager.

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